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At Pedogenesis, we focus on three key areas that are relative to the ultimate production of nutrient dense food and feed:

  1. Consulting/Soil Service: The starting point is assessing the needs of the soil using a thorough soil audit. We assess the needs (as outlined by the Albrecht System) and examine the options relative to specific objectives. After the uniqueness of the operation is pulled into the formula, options are explored to find the best fit for your needs.
  2. Product Resourcing: There are many alternative products that can be very effective for specific needs, but they are simply not at local supply houses. We will find the best options and negotiate a price that is fair and of good value.
  3. Education and Training: We encourage learning; our best clients are the ones who are continual learners. We provide information for farmers to be fully informed. Each time we meet, there is an opportunity to help farmers move closer to their personal objectives. With our books, DVD’s, internet information, and speakers, we strive to be in the know and to be a facilitator to the latest and best information possible.

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1-218-630-5531 Contact Us