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Absorbing nutrition is necessary to sustain plant life and produce a successful crop. The soil and the plants we work with are living organisms. Put good nutrition into the soil environment and you can expect consistent positive return. Hydrogen in the water chemistry feeds all different forms of bacteria, fungi, and molds to help them as an energy source which creates organic acids that feed your plants root system.

Oxygen is another content that has been found to be extremely beneficial to the overall crop production. The oxygen content in the soil is the very thing that allows the ‘heartbeat’ in the soil to pound away creating incredible rewards! Soil is at its healthiest when the nutrients are plentiful and balanced with sufficient oxygen and water.

We have a program that will help you achieve healthy fertile soil and give you better quality as well as quantity. Our starter consists of 12-19 products customized to fit your needs whether you are Organic or Conventional. These products will help open up your soil to give it the oxygen it needs and help the water reach all the living organisms which feed your plants root system.

Benefits of starter:
– Increase crop yields and profits
– Improve crop quality
– Reduce fertilizer nitrogen inputs & improve its utilization
– Hasten germination and maturity
– Improve soil structure & infiltration
– Easy to use & inexpensive
– Does not need to be tilled into the soil
– Can be put on seeds

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