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Can I make my pastures better? | Pedogenesis Inc
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Many farmers and ranchers spend large amounts of dollars buying excellent livestock and then put them on pastures that receive no fertility amendments. When soil nutrition is compromised, the vigor and stand density of desirable forage species decline, allowing weed species to establish, as forage quality diminishes. Animals tend to graze species they find palatable while avoiding week species. Farmers with weed-dominated pastures need to increase the amount of hay or grain fed to pastured animals, thus increasing their operational costs.

In weed-dominated fields with low soil fertility levels, nutrition available to the animals may be compromised, necessitating the feeding of often expensive supplements to maintain optimum animal health. It seems that many who have livestock on pasture, make the assumption that because they have grown grass on their pastures it is unnecessary to do soil samples and amendments. This type of thinking can ultimately result in costly losses in terms of plant and animal health, and even needlessly limit potential grass production.

The more you rely on pasture as feed for your livestock, the more critical it is to know the actual fertility levels present there. Too many producers neglect the nutrients in the soil. You cannot properly manage what you do not correctly measure this is especially true for assuring correct pasture fertility levels for optimum growth and nutrition.

We can help you make sure that your pasture fertility levels reach their full potential for optimum growth and nutrition to protect your livestock, as well as save on the amount of supplemental feed you will need.

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