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Feed Production

Lower costs, fewer pests and diseases, higher nutrition values

Meeting the nutritional needs of livestock around the world is a big job. Feed producers are raising their standards for quality and paying accordingly. Improving soil health and balancing the soil creates a consistent increase in yield and quality measures, such a proteins, sugars, digestibility, and test weight.  Our Premium Growing System will help you improve soil health each season. You can experience predictable, repeatable production with higher yields and lower costs.

  • Designed for predictable high quality, sustainable feed production, promoting optimum presentation for livestock feed buyers
  • Focused on all crops going for feed
  • Instruction for successful production of premium quality crops
  • Onsite visit, soil/tissue samples and year-to-year planning.

Growers that use our Premium Growing System

  • Learn how to balance soil nutrients for max yield
  • Discover why just simple NPK fertilization is not enough
  • Learn the important role of copper, zinc, sulfur, boron, manganese, cobalt and molybdenum. When in balance these trace minerals provide the real powerhouse in producing high quality max-yielding soils and crops
  • Better understand the proper use of manures, compost, tillage, micronutrients, and more.