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Fertilizer Application

Fertilizer Application

In 2014 Pedogenesis added another Aspect to the company as we purchased a Dry Spreader, a Liquid Sprayer as well as a 60 foot spray bar with a Farm King trailer.

Our Star Flex Liquid Spray truck is equipped with the newest version of the Raven Viper 4 Precision Farming which includes Accu-boom, Auto-boom, GPS, etc. Equipped with 120 foot booms it allows us to cover 80 acres an hour on an average field.

Our Dry Spreader is equipped with the Raven Viper Pro Precision Farming Unit. With the spinner system and the dry fertilizer that we custom mix we are able to do a 75 foot spread.
The spray bar and Farm king allow us to apply 200 gallons an acre with the option of injecting a second product.

These units are only used for Non-GMO and Organic fertilizer so there is no need to worry about chemical contamination.
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Soil Program

Soil Program

Pedogenesis has put together six different levels of our program. When deciding if your soil needs help with fertility, we will be there to help you achieve a mineral dense and nutrient rich crop with a substantial increase in yield. Listed below are the six program levels:

Level I: Premium I Program
Level I is designed for the “everyday farmer”. You will receive on the farm visits, soil/tissue samples and a year to year plan. We will detail what could or should be done to improve or maintain your fertility. This level is focused upon small grains and feeds.

Level II: Premium II Program
Level II is closely comparative to our Premium I Program while promoting optimum presentation of food grade products for human consumption. We have aligned this program to help buyers of your crop get the quality they need to continue to meet the needs of their customers.

The last four levels are to be used after signing on to one of the first two programs.
Level III: Headland Correction
A modified restoration plan for your soils that are in-between states of being productive and dead.

Level IV: Soil Restoration
This level is to help rebuild soils that have been damaged over time. This will take anywhere from three to five years.

Level V: Premium Fertility System
This option will help solve various yield, quality, weed and pest issues.

Level VI Premium Fertilizer
Fertilizer only – No recommendations or consultation. The client is responsible for knowing the compatibility with existing products and equipment.

All Programs are available for Conventional and Organic Farmers. Call or email us for more information.
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Organic Gem®

Organic Gem®

Using Fish as fertilizer has been around for centuries. Native Americans taught English settlers how to grow healthier and bountiful crops by placing fish under a catch of corn. They may not have understood the science of fish fertilizer but they saw the plant quality and improved yields.

Organic Gem® provides superior plant health and gives long lasting results with improvements in plant color, overall health and tremendous growth.  It’s easy to use and can be soil applied, foliar applied, or applied via a drip system.  It costs less than other brands because our manufacturing process takes significantly less time than our competitors, resulting in lower processing costs, which we pass on to you, the customer.  We use only deep water, bottom-feeding fish that are rich in trace minerals. These minerals are re-introduced into the soil.

Organic Gem® is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute.