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Food Production

Higher yields, lower costs, fewer pest and disease problems, irrigation savings

Sounds good, doesn’t it?  At Pedogenesis, Inc we use a time-tested soil balancing system that has proven results at creating mineral-dense, nutrient-rich food ingredients. Whether you are a certified organic farming, large-scale conventional farmer or rancher, or are considering a split operation – the Premium Growing System can work for you.

  • Designed for predictable high quality production, promoting optimum presentation for the ingredient buyers
  • Helps finish the crop and maintain the “food grade status”
  • Aligned to help buyers of your crop get the consistent quality they need to continue to meet their customers’ needs
  • Instructions for successful, repeatable production of premium quality crops
  • Onsite visit, soil/tissue samples and year-to-year planning.

Under our Premium Growing System high quality crops are grown in a balanced mineral-rich soil that have

  • Higher test weight in all grains
  • Larger, plumper berries in wheat, barley and yes soybeans
  • Higher protein values in wheat and soybeans
  • Less cracked skins
  • Less quality-robbing diseases such as fusarium in wheat, white mold in beans, root rots in all crops.
  • Efficient water uptake of minerals to supply needed nutrients

Less rejection of crops at harvest due to dirt tag, caused by green weeds.

If you’ve ever had minerally balanced organic, that’s some very very noticeable differences in quality, in flavor and all that stuff.

Kenny Tritz