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Premium Growing System

Our Premium Growing System in 6 steps

We can help you create healthy soil that produces predictable, repeatable mineral-dense, nutrient-rich crops using the Premium Growing System. As you know top quality crops translate into top quality food and feed ingredients, which earn top dollar. And clean, high-quality food and feed products sell!

Qualify problems

  • Low yield
  • Poor quality crops (test weight and protein)
  • Diseases (root rots, white mold)
  • Weeds and insects
  • Repeating crop cycle causing the soil to become more and more unbalanced.

Test soil and outline goals

  • Test soil and review results
  • Evaluate options based on soil strengths and weaknesses relevant to your desired crops
  • Choose the best fit and create fertility plan to continually move towards soil balance
  • Correct mineral imbalances and help solve yield, weed, and pest issues
  • Create healthy soils that produces mineral-dense, nutrient -rich crops

Enhance soil fertility to achieve a balance

  • Balance calcium and magnesium as indicated by your soil test
  • Add NPK and sulfates, along with micronutrients such as copper, zinc, boron, molybdenum, iron, and manganese, as needed
  • Apply unique fertilizer blends with humates, acids, and biology
  • Apply pre- and post-planting applications as soil starters or crop feeders
  • Apply crop finishers to move energy from plant to the seed for yield

Monitor and teach

  • Provide color-coded interpretation of the soil analysis for easy understanding
  • Complete annual or additional tissue testing as needed
  • Review progress at on-site farm visits, as agreed to
  • Provide input tracking as needed
  • Facilitate classes,  workshops, and in-the-field training to share best practices

Ongoing support

  • Provide service, support, and recommendations throughout the life of your plan – typically three to five years
  • Re-evaluate amendments and plans for the next crop year to continue to move toward a balanced soil
  • Share information and highlight opportunities to help you move closer to become fully informed

Experience results

  • Review before and after pictures or side-by-side comparisons in field tests
  • Witness improved crop quality and increased yield, even while correcting soil issues early on
  • Experience crops with premium yield, quality, taste, and characteristics that are second to none!